Royal Modern Cozy Pet Bed Low to the Ground Dog or Cat Bed


Description: Puppies, kittens, dogs and cats, these four-legged pet animals are hard to keep away from lounging around at unusual places. The sleeping environment has to be a little too cozy, comfortable and cushiony. Let your four-legged takes its beauty sleep on the cushioned bed, inspired from the concept of lap of luxury. This would be a great addition to your home style. Little yet sophisticated furniture pieces are truly awe-striking, plus you four-legged pet is going to look super-cute while it will rest in its own posh bed. Providing them a homely belonging of their own will create an affectionate bond between you two, for your pet will greatly admire your concern for it. It is an elegant pet bed that is specifically designed in size that would fit no other but your pet only. Make your pet feel like a member of a royal family!


  • High-gloss finish.
  • Made from microfiber fabrics.
  • Comfortable.
  • Constructed from stainless steel and solid wood
  • Covered in animal print cloth.
  • Capable of holding up 100 lbs.


  • 31.5"; L x 20.4";W x 10"; H

Warranty: We offer 1 year warranty on this product. Please contact our customer service for additional information.


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